Hemp Pre Rolls ELLZ Original Pack


ELLZ Original CBD hemp pre-rolls contain all the goodness of CBD you’ve come to know and love. Each pouch contains two hand-rolled joints with one gram of hemp flower each. Rather than using pre-rolled cones, these rolling papers are made from scratch with hemp as the main ingredient along with other plant-based ingredients. One pack of these ELLZ contains xx pouches of lab-tested, USA grown hemp flower.


Product Description

If you already tried the ELLZ Original and want to buy in bulk, we created this value pack of CBD pre-rolls. Whether you’re a wholesaler or retailer, these will make the perfect addition to your online store or will fit nicely on your counter or shelf in your physical storefront. Each one of the pouches in this pack holds two joints that contain one gram of CBD flower each.

It’s organically-grown hemp flower from the U.S. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about inhaling a toxic product, because these pre-rolls are free of pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, and mycotoxins. Also, the third-party labs that test for these contaminants also check the potency, including the CBD and THC levels. From these lab reports, you’ll be able to see that there’s less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC. And you can read the results of the contaminants testing.

It’s easy to track down these reports. Simply hold your smartphone over the QR code located on the pouch and click on the link that pops up. Viola! You now have access to these lab testing reports and have all the information you could want at your fingertips.

As a CBD product that’s fast-acting and can go wherever you go, these ELLZ Originals get you into a state of peace and complete relaxation, without any intoxicating effects.

Product Size
10-packs with 2 hemp flower pre-rolls in each pack. The CBD blunts have 1 gram of CBD flower in each one.

Suggested Use
Light the end of the CBD blunt and take a few hits. Pause for a few minutes, then continue to smoke if you want deeper, more relaxing effects.

CBD hemp flower and a natural flavored hemp wrap.

Hemp is grown in the USA.

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